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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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were racing down beach street. >> one was ejected and the other lady stuck inside. she was 8 months pregnant. >> reporter: 23-year-old brittany bedune and behind the wheel of this now crushed saab was 28-year-old dennis, both of manchester. police say right now it appears a gray mazda driven by 24-year-old greg balu also of manchester was switching lanes and clipped the saab sending it airborne. both people inside the saab are live alive tonight taken to a lo hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the car also took out a utility poll knocking out power. the car manginged his car but he's glad no one was kill -- it will mangled his fence but he's glad no one what been killed. he hopes the city with put in stoplights or stop signs to slow down cars on this very busy
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street. in man manchester, new hampshire, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. since 10:00, long-time ballston city councilor charles yanceyy has conceded the race for district 4. and it's not the only shake-up on the council. he's been on the council since 1983. tonight voters threw their support behind newcomer andrea campbell who declared victory tonight with more than 61% of the vote. her reaction is new at 11:00. resultses show we're not focusing on the past. but looking to the future. >> steven murphy also conceding his seat. murphy has served on the council since 1997. we'll have a full wrap-up of the election results on and fox 25 morning news. breaking news in illinois where an announcement is expected in the morning that high-profile shooting death, a
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police officer was in fact suicide. the september 1st shooting of 53-year-old lieutenant charles genovitz is because he radioed in before his death and chasing three men. officers found him 53 yards from the squad car. he took his own life at a news conference tomorrow -- and there will be a news conference tomorrow. police say these are bebe guns and three kids allegedly use them and rocks to target homeless people. you spoke with the man who was hit. >> i'll tell you, mark. and tells us, you know, tonight the mystery remains, where do the boys get the bb gun from. >> reporter: james wilson already down on his luck and homeless. >> reporter: this morning we all
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woke up to [bleep] above us. >> reporter: lowell police say a 14-year-old and two 12-year-old boys shot a bb gun at three homeless men. they were under the train tracks. >> they came out and had welts on their head from getting hit with the bbs and one with a rock. >> when i woke up, they were standing right above us throwing rocks. >> reporter: luckily james was only hit with rocks. others shot with this, the bb gun on the right? >> it looks exactly like what we carry, like a real firearm. pistol. that's why we sent the picture out because we want people to like. >> reporter: police arrested all three boys. during the chase, investigators tell fox 25 they were even throwing rocks at the officers. . >> at 12 years old i wasn't doing that. kind of goes to show their parents, to be honest. >> reporter: and luckily all of the men living right there
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behind us under the train tracks are doing okay. we could tell you tonight that the boys will face a judge and meantime the homeless say they want the boys to get educated and see the way they live. for now, live in lowell, malini basu, fox 25 news. a baby found unresponsive in a home in the town of sandwich, and tonight the district attorney and the department of children and families are investigating the infants' death. dcf tells us they're investigating allegations that that one-month-old was abused or neglected. the d.a. says preliminary investigations found no obvious signs of trauma nor injury. the office of the chief medical examiner will now determine to determine the baby's cause of death. >> katheryn burcham is back live with what she's learned since 10:00. >> i spoke with a man who identified himself as the victim's stepson and he told me that the victim lived on the third floor of that apartment building with his wife and two
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children until he was shot earlier tonight. officers were called out just after 6:00 on a shots fired call. neighbors tell us they heard at least six shots before a man's body was found outside the partial building and neighbors also tell fox 25 the man was headed to his car to get diapers for his toddler daughter when he was shot. police have not yet confirmed this is a homicide investigation, but witnesses say two people tried to revive the victim with cpr, and he lay lives on the ground. >> we went after her and he was just laying there on the ground. yeah, it was awful. >> it was heart breaking. i'm still shooken up a little bit about it. >> as you can see here behind me, the crime scene team remains on scene, gathering evidence in this case. but so far police have not released any information live in stormtracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz
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has what we can expect tomorrow. >> i expect it to be warm again, not quite as warm temperature still 60. low temperatures overnight will be generally in the 40s. closer to 50 to the northwest and closer to 40. first thing in the morning for all of your plans, there's still time to hit the links, 45 degrees to 49 at 8:00 a.m. and 57 on average by 10:00 in the morning. clearly in the 60s in the fan. clear all fight and stops at 8:00 a.m. whether it be sunny. i'm sure we'll tell you about the sunshine and really warmer temperatures for your lunch hour, as well. rescuers say the pilot took off
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miles before crashing in scandia. the pilot wound up stuck in the trees but eventually fell before crews arrived. he was taken to an area hospital and expected to be okay. one high school football player is face gun charges tonight. this is the weapon that was allegedly found on 18-year-old luis christian junior last night. police were investigating a possible fight of two groups in lowell when they stopped christian and a friend. police say they found the gun on christian and he pleaded not guilty to a list of charges today and being held on $10,000 bail. without bail tonight after a police officer says he tried to run him over. officer jeremy smith was working detail when he says he heard 19-year-old conner davis causing drive-through. the officer says he was forced to open fire as davis drove at him striking him in the leg. davis is charged with sought with intent to murder a police officer, due back in court for a dangerousness hearing on monday.
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developing news of a massive recall blamed for at least 7 deaths. takata is being fined $70 million for failing to admit some of its airbags were defective in a timely manner. the airbags can explode and shoot metal fragments at passengers. more than 19 million vehicles in the u.s. have been recalled as a result. search crews are looking for key pieces that are apparently missing from the wreckage of the sunken cargo ship el faro. the ntsb says that the ship's data recorder has not yet been found and also that the navigation bridge and the deck below it was somehow separated from the ship and also missing. the ship's wreckage was found this weekend near the bahamas after getting caught in hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were on board including three with massachusetts ties. 17 federal prisoners released just this week in massachusetts. these details are new at 11:00. the release is part of a wave of 6,000 inmates being let out of prisons nationwide as the government changes guidelines for drug trafficking offenses.
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a sentencing drug has determined those prisoners are not a public safety risk. total of 40 inmates were eligible for release november the 1st but nearly two dozen him grace detainers. these dramatic photos are new at 11:00. the charlotte fire department and police found in car on fire on oxford road around 6:00 tonight be. everyone was able to get out safely. more crews at a restaurant jumping in action to stop an armed robber. mr. police say the 28-year-old tried to rob the golden leaf while wearing a mask. officers say the suspect was a take a good look at the new hampshire. new at 11:00, police say he's wanted in connection with several robberies. thins getting real in the new hampshire primary tomorrow as donald trump becomes one of the first presidenttial hopefuls to officially file his candidacy. wednesday is the first filing
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trump is scheduled to be at the state house at 10:00 a.m. to deliver his work for the republican primary and bern dee sanders is scheduled to be first for the democrats filing his candidacy thursday afternoon. across southern new england right now, from the upper 30s to the upper 50s and even a 60-degree reading in boston. we'll hit records later this week. i'll show you when and when some showers will track in here. and a beloved pet attacks a baby. the dramatic way the child was saved from the pitbull's grip. lock your doors or learn a
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why police in one new york city a baby is seriously hurt after the family dog brutally attacked her. at 10:00 we told you how the dog was with that family since it was a puppy and now at 11:00, ted daniel talks with a witness who's still shaken by what happened. >> reporter: jealousy, that's one theory of why this dog attacked the little girl. tonight she's in hospital, she has puncture wounds and lacerations to her head. she also lost part of her right ear. >> the lacerations from here to here, the ear was pretty much like severed. >> reporter: a graphic account of a horrific attack. from someone who witnessed it. intreennal hegs is friends with the family on the second floor of this multiple family on orange street. she was in their home when a large pitbull attacked the youngest child, an 18-month-old little girl named lexie. >> a good 7 minutes that dog had
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the baby in his mouth. >> reporter: sabryna says her boyfriend is the one who finally got the dog to release his jaws from the baby's head. >> i grabbed the dog's testicles and pulled them down. >> reporter: he instantly grabbed the dog and like threw him in a room and the dog, could you hear the dog trying to get through the door. >> reporter: sabryna tells us the pitbull is the family's pet. she says they got him two years ago when he was a puppy and this is the first time she believes the dog has ever bit anyone. several neighbors we spoke with describe the dog as big. >> he walks the dog on like a rope because it's a bigger dog aggressive. >> reporter: first responders took the little girl to the hospital, animal control took the dog to the pound. >> the dog is being held for quarantine. sabryna hegs says she doesn't expect the family to take him back. >> he was just jealous that the new baby came into his life. he's always been the baby for two years. >> i'm told the family always felt comfortable with the dog. in fact, there are two older
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siblings in the house, 7 and 8, and according to family friends, the kids used to play with the dog all the time and this is the first incident. unless the family fights it, the dog will be likely euthanized. reporting in fall river tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. a memorial for a new hampshire woman killed while walking in manchester has disappeared. neighbors say a cross and flowers that were placed at the scene vanished today. this as the fbi announces that it will be rejoin the investigation for denise roberts' killer. the 62 year was shot and killed in august while walking in the city's north end section. so far no arrests have been made. members of a mosque that was vandalized in burlington will stand together in solid attempt tomorrow. a we are americans event will be held at the islamic center of burlington. those who attend will retag walls vandalized with usa graffiti and replacing it with things like we are usa. two teens were arrested yesterday for that vandal. and i have been charged with malicious destruction of property.
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one woman accused of shoplifting now claims the store worker who busted her is harassing her. this is 22-year-old miller, who's been charged with witness intimidation. he caught a young woman shoplifting at walmart last week and since then has been calling and texting her propositioning here and in exchange he said he'd make the shoplifting charge to go away. new at 11:00, police are checking cars for visible values. if the car doors are unlocked, police will seize the items and leave a note telling people where they can get their stuff back. th part of a pilot program that one civil rights attorney says is against the law. >> you're stealing these people's property. they have no way to enter their car at all because the car -- just the fact that it's not locked doesn't mean it's not your private property. >> city officials say that there
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is a caretaker provision in the state that allows them to do this they've started this program because there's usually a spike in burglaries during the holidays. he's known for climbing buildings with only his bare hands and today he climbed up a 56 story building with rain and cold temperatures. it took him 30 minutes to reach the to using nothing but bare bands and some talcum powder. >> 39 degrees in orange right hyannis. huge range in temperatures across the area, and of course we can zoom into areas in between those and show you a little more closely 60s that are in boston and cambridge that goes away from the waters into watertown.
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west on to the pike, 44 degrees. to the north in woburn... that huge difference really shows on the shoreline inland especially. back here to bedford in new hampshire, it's 43 outside the city of manchester. in the city it's 50. richfield and nashua new hampshire in the mid-40s right now. sliding southward into worcester county... northridge at 57 and louisboro is only 47 degrees right now. a lot of times it comes down to elevation. cold air likes to sink and if you're in one of the lower spots you'll get some cold air. there's medway in the mid-40s and sharon and walpole in the low 50s right now. these temperatures will drop
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generally in the 40s overnight. 53 degree readings out in cape cod and upper 40s to the north is west and mid-30s out in orange. satellite radar shows it is clear. clear skies and light winds. futurecast shows it will stay that way all night and be sunny first thing in the morning through your lunch hour and into the afternoon. takes to you 1:30 and futurecast ahead to the evening. we'll start to see some clouds work on in. the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, first of all, and at the coastline it will be cooler. 63 taunton and 65 in
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same thing on the north shore. 62 in boston. that's the fenway area... oxford you'll be 66 degrees tomorrow afternoon. this will not be the warmest day of the week in fact a few degrees cooler than today after a cold front has gone on by switching things around for the north and bringing in that slightly cooler air. clouds on tuesday. the clouds increase during the dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> bruins off tonight but the more significant loss may be that of chris kelly. the veteran forward done for the year after breaking the femur in his left leg at td gardens they knew it was bad right away. it's between your hip and knee and he's done for the year, out six to eight months. just an absolutely devastating blow. but the game had to continue. tyler back in town, red-hot, scoring the game's first goal,
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right before the quarter ended, 2-1 bruins. that's all the good news they got though. a man on the anything tonight, scored 1 goal in every period. that ended things up at 2. down to third goal and they now lead 4-2 in the third. dallas win tonight 5-3 and the bruins are 1, 4 and 1 at home. patriots and reds in foxboro. first of two straight against the nfc east, butch stearns was at gillette stadium today as the guys got back to work. >> reporter: as the leaves fall in foxboro, so do the patriots' opponents one by one, looking for a reason why the patriots continue to win, respect for the other guy. every team they play is the greatest team in the nfl, and that includes the 3 and 4 washington redskins this sunday. >> we realize every team this week is good and anything can happen on sunday. so, you know they're a great team, play hard, play fast. >> in the nfl, the team is very
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on every team and just another team that we're playing here that has a lot of great talented football players. >> you know with a past opponent and the coach, if they're good they're good and wants to you know that you just can't look past anyone. >> you can't just overlook anybody. you gotta go out there and play, lights out. a losing record, just gotta go out there and play 100%. >> redskins, patriots at gillette right here on fox 25. with the patriots, butch stearns, fox 25 sports. >> thank you, butch. red sox picked up the 2016 option on clay buchholz. they feel he will be good by spring train so will get $13 million next season. dusty baker manage his fourth team. the nationals hired dusty to replace williams. the nats underachieved this past season. he's there to see if he can do it again. and how about the injury to dellis, bam, took an injury
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right to the nose. you can see the blood coming out of the cut right away. and get this, they stitched him up and he came right back and then he scored 6 points. >> hockey player right there. >> incredible. and battling dehydration. lost 20 pounds in the last month and had just gotten back in the game tonight and that happened. >> and seven-day forecast, irs let's focus on sunday. 48 degrees at kick-off,the sports fans looking for the patriots forecast. sunshine this weather forecast will be inconsequential to the game. no problems for anybody from the weather. as far as this weekend overall it will be much cooler the next couple of days. showers come friday night to usher in the cooler air. friday's the day, guys, where we could surpass records for the date at the major reporting stations, boston, at the airport, at the worcester airport, as well. shiri will be here first thing
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>> still in the 50s next andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see a look of satisfaction and contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm
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